To aid you in the process of striking a fine balance between your life style & health issues Sonal Mehta, a nutritionist by profession with proven credentials in the field, renders consultation to put an end to all such maladies.

Eating healthy should be a way of life. Food is the core of our existence and hence one should always eat healthy and smartly. she beleives in consulting individual personally or virtually as she feels education is actually, our consultations go beyond the routine like calorie counting, portion control, tracking weight protocol.we instead track down your eating habits, work hours, food blunders, sleep hours, workouts, etc, and we will educate you about how food affects your health, fitness and productivity.

when you come to our clinic, in person or virtually, we welcome you with a warm smile and even warmer tea/ coffee. you talk, we listen. you decide what needs to change and how to bring about that change. we simply work at witnessing your journey into a fitter, leaner, more aware individual who understands that fitness (and weight loss too) can only be achieved by tuning in to your stomach. it's your efforts that we count and results follow, without being chased.

Dt. Sonal Mehta

Founder, First Step Nutrition.