Gestational diabetes

I was so confused as to what to eat and how much to eat with lot of advice coming in from family and having gestational diabetes at 6 th month. i am happy to consult Dt.SonalMehta for providing me the right guidance and programing right diet- Ashwini nadig


I was glad that i could get in touch with Dt.Sonal Mehta. she designed my diet plan looking at my blood glucose levels and my insulin dosage. earlier it used to fluctuate more and my post pardinal levels always used to be high. after i met her -puranikand after she designed my diet plan and my activity pattern i am able to eat rice , fruits and sweets at times.-Mr.Puranik


It was a great expreince with dietitian sonal i have lost around 4 kgs and 3 inch by my waist 2 inch by my hip feeling so light and good´╗┐- KAVERI


Hi sonal I find myself in good mood as I lost 3-4kg in a month.This happened due to ur guidence and help. Both were like magic box. Till now I achieved little and still to achieve more and more to reach the target.-DIVYA NAIK

weight loss with hypothyroidism

Thanks to Dietitian Sonal Mehta under whose guidance I lost around 7 kg in 3 months with hypothyroidism...- HEMA

weight loss

I feel wonderful and I am extremely grateful to Dt.Sonal for helping me gain confidence and teach me healthy lifestyle. with which i lost around 20kg in period of 5 months..i am feeling great,i have got back my confidence,my energy levels have increased and feel enthusiastic..thank you for bringing new life into me.-ANAGHA NAIK